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Our building management software takes convenience to a whole new level for property managers, front desk staff and residents alike.


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Frequently Asked Questions

VirtualWay was founded over a decade ago on the belief that everyone is entitled to convenience and safety in their lives. When you work with us, you get more than just someone controlling access to the property’s front door or gate. You get a staff that’s dedicated to serving the property’s needs and exceeding residents’ expectations.

It is like having a doorman who never sleeps which remotely accepts visitors and deliveries to the property 24/7.

Our services are convenient and cost effective for apartment buildings, condominiums/co-ops, gated communities and dormitories of all sizes.

Our remote services work in combination with a real doorman or gatekeeper to provide around the clock services for an affordable price.

The service requires a call device at the front entrance for 2-way communications and couple of cameras for general remote viewing (entrance, lobby, package room).
For 2-way communications, we suggest to install domik VirtualWay’s smart intercom system at the property’s entrance and as for remote viewing, connect up to 4 cameras (existing or new) to a Hikvision DVR or NVR. That’s it!

No. Our services are provided to act as a remote attendant only and are not intended as a security service. Please refer to VirtualWay’s Terms of Service

As labor costs in the United States are steadily rising, many multi-units’ residential buildings and gated communities cannot afford around the clock on-site doorman or gatekeeper services, and most small and mid- size buildings cannot afford such services at all. This is where our service comes in – remote doorman and virtual gatekeeper, both provide affordable and 24/7 services to replace all, or a part of the on- site traditional service.
For example: let's compare the price of a 24/7 “real” doorman or a gatekeeper to the price of our remote 24/7 full-service suite in a 50- unit property.
For a 24-hours doorman or a gatekeeper service, the average price is $23/hour. In this case, the property is spending over $200,000 a year and that does not include additional fees such as overtime pay, holidays rate and more.
With VirtualWay’s 24/7 full-service suite in a 50 units property, the yearly cost is $6,600.00.
The difference is staggering!

Announced visitors- Residents will notify VirtualWay’s attendants about the visit by creating an access permission via VirtualWay360 mobile App or web portal. When the visitor arrives, the remote attendant will allow access to the property.
Unannounced visitors- When unannounced visitor arrives to the property, VirtualWay’s remote attendant will contact the resident via phone for access permission. If the resident is unavailable to answer or is not registered in VirtualWay360, access will be denied.

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The VirtualWay360 property management software was designed with you in mind. It enables property managers to know exactly who stays in each unit, manage maintenance requests and work orders for those units, easily communicate announcements via a messaging inbox and more.

Yes. Using our property management portal for work orders keeps them all in one place and makes it easy to stay on top of them.

Yes. By using VirtualWay360 building management software you can be sure that important notices to residents won’t get lost among business or personal e-mail, so you won’t get irate calls from people who didn’t know about service interruptions or the building’s holiday get together.

VirtualWay360 property management software can be used in any building or community in need of property management regardless of whether or not there is a doorman or gate attendant. If you do have one, it will make his life a lot easier, but if you don’t you can still take advantage of the benefits of VirtualWay360 building management software.

Multiple properties are just as easy to keep track of as one with VirtualWay360 property management software. Each building has its own tab on a single page that lets you see it all at a glance, yet keep track of what requests are for which property.

Our straightforward language and intuitive interface make it easy to learn to use VirtualWay360 property management software.

VirtualWay360 property management software’s cloud-based technology allows building managers, staff and residents alike to access and use the program from anywhere internet access is available.

No. VirtualWay360 property management software is a downloadable software package that can be used from any desktop, laptop or mobile device with internet access.